Tuition Fees and Scholarships

The "Regulation on Tuition Fee Reduction for International Students of the University of Kurdistan" was approved at the Board of Trustees meeting on 3rd October, 2020 to support the development of international activities of the University of Kurdistan and to help reduce the educational costs for international students. According to this regulation, the following international students are eligible for tuition fee reduction:

1. Faculty members and employees introduced by ministries and universities that have agreements with the University of Kurdistan.
2. Students who cooperate with the University of Kurdistan in the process of international student recruitment.
3. University of Kurdistan Student Alumni (former students who obtained their last degree and graduated from the University of Kurdistan).
4. Students who have ranked first among all their peers in their field of study.

The University of Kurdistan grants scholarships to a number of applicants for continuing their studies every year based on the scholarship regulations. The scholarship is defined in two types, A and B, and is awarded to applicants who have outstanding educational and research records.