Collaboration Programme with Iranian Experts and Entrepreneurs Abroad

1- Introduction
In line with achieving the long-term goals of the country's scientific vision and benefiting from the scientific resources of Iranian scientists and experts abroad, the "Collaboration Programme with Iranian Experts and Entrepreneurs Abroad" has been launched by the Centre for International Science and Technology Interactions of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, in cooperation with... as one of the "Collaborative Specialist Bases" to support scientific, research, and technological projects such as post-doctoral studies, study opportunities, invited and appointed professors, establishment of start-up companies, professional duty system, and holding specialized lectures and workshops, in order to facilitate effective communication between experts and selected scientific and technological centres in the country.

2- Objectives:
- Utilizing the scientific and professional capabilities of Iranian experts outside the country in scientific, technological, and industrial centres in Iran.
- Encouraging, facilitating, and motivating the establishment of communication, collaboration, and the return of Iranian experts from abroad.
- Improving the scientific and professional level of partner institutions.
- Providing suitable conditions for the development of new and advanced technologies in the country.
- Facilitating the transfer of skills, methods, and novel service capabilities by Iranian experts abroad to the country.
- Assisting in the establishment of technology-based companies in advanced technology sectors.

3- Project Audience:
Distinguished Iranian professors, doctoral students, and graduates of specialized fields, as well as graduates of master's degrees from one of the top 400 universities in the world, as well as managers, researchers, and experts from foreign technology companies who have not been back in Iran for more than two years or are still active abroad, can benefit from the support of this programme under specific conditions in the form of various projects.

4- Support Conditions:
The regulations and support conditions for each of the support projects are as follows:
1- Postdoctoral funding (download file)
2- Study opportunity funding (download file)
3- Collaboration funding as invited and appointed professors (download file)
4- Funding support for presentations and workshops (download file)
5- Funding support for technological activities (establishing startups) (download file)
6- Employment in university-based startups and spin-off companies (download file)
7- Specialized conscription funding inside and outside the country (download file)

Performance evaluation of research activities will be carried out in various facilities based on the attached files 1 and 2:
- To download attachment file 1 regarding the evaluation of research performance in postdoctoral, study opportunity, invited and appointed professor, speech, startup establishment, and employment programmes, click here.
- To download attachment file 2 regarding the evaluation of research performance in the specialized conscription programme, click here.

5- Project Implementation Process:
- Registration on the cooperation system ( and entering the required information by the applicant;
- Selection of the desired programme, submitting the request, and finalizing it by providing a preliminary proposal, resume, and other necessary documents by the applicant;
- Review of the request within 7 working days (by the interaction centre experts) upon the finalization of the request registration;
- Referral of relevant and approved requests to ... as a partner specialized centre;
- Contact between the representative of the centre, Mr./Ms. ..., and the applicant;
- Evaluation of the applicant's academic and research records by the specialized committee at the centre;
- Presentation of the final response and announcement of the evaluation result within a maximum of 25 working days (by ... as a partner specialized centre);
- In the case of request approval, the acceptance of the applicant and the sending of a letter of agreement for cooperation from ... to the interaction centre;
- Final approval of the applicant by the centre and the allocation of necessary resources for research work or project implementation to ....

6- How to Register and Submit a Request:
To download the guide file on how to register and submit a request, click the button below.