Consular Affairs Office

The Consular Affairs Office was established by the Non-Iranian Students Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in November 2019 at the University of Kurdistan with the aim of facilitating the administrative process of all matters related to non-Iranian students including residency permits, extension of residency permits, issuance of family residency permits, extension of family residency permits, departure and return, final departure, and other related issues. Currently, this representative office is responsible for non-Iranian student affairs at universities, centers, and institutions of higher education in the province.

GholamReza Aeini

مدیر امور کنسولی دانشجویان غیرایرانی استان کردستان

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Opening Ceremony of the Consular Affairs Office

On August 25th, 2019, the opening ceremony for the 31st center for providing consular services to foreign students studying at Iranian universities was held at the University of Kurdistan, with the presence of Dr. Abdulhamid Alizadeh, the Director-General of Non-Iranian Students Affairs at the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, the esteemed president of the University of Kurdistan, and other officials from executive bodies in the province.
As part of the Ministry of Science's significant objectives and programs, including the mission of delegating responsibilities to universities, reducing bureaucracy, and providing services through electronic platforms, this center was established to accommodate the growing number of foreign students.
Internationalization requirements in the domestic arena involve top-level documents, infrastructure, and processes. Thus far, 129 nationalities of foreign students have come to Iran for education, with some having graduated and currently, three nationalities are studying at the University of Kurdistan.
Kurdistan Province is the 15th province of the country to delegate consular affairs to universities by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
The University of Kurdistan's three significant features in enrolling and recruiting international students include the education of a large number of foreign students and the granting of their diplomas, holding the Samfa exam course, and having a diverse range of international activities. Therefore, the University of Kurdistan is a pioneer in the internationalization of higher education in the country.
As the consular affairs office is responsible for managing matters related to foreign students in other universities in the province, the consular affairs office immediately started processing and implementing matters related to residency permits, renewal of residency permits, extension of visas, departure, and return, in collaboration with the Passport Office of Kurdistan Provinc after its establishment.
In addition, a contract was signed between the provincial health insurance office and the University of Kurdistan to provide health insurance for scholarship students and their dependents, and all international students are now covered by accident insurance.
The new building for the consular affairs office for universities in Kurdistan Province is located inside the University of Kurdistan, next to the Persian Language Teaching Center for Non-Persian Speakers.

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