International Affairs Policy Council

Article 1: Definition
University of Kurdistan 's International Affairs Policy Council is a council formed for the purpose of planning and policy making in international affairs to achieve the objectives of the university's international strategic plan.
Article 2: Composition of the Council Members
International Affairs Policy Council comprises of the following members:

  • University President as the Head of the Council
  • Board of Trustees as Council Members
  • The Director of International Affairs as the Secretary of the Council
  • Director of International Students Affairs as a Council Member
  • Three expert academics in the field of internationalization and international activities at the discretion of the Head of the Council
Note 1: All members have the right to vote. The form of voting (secret or open) is at the discretion of the majority of the Council.
Note 2: When required, legal and non-legal persons determined by the Council President related to the council's agenda will be invited as guests (without voting rights) to participate in council meetings as appropriate.

Article 3: Meetings of International Affairs Policy Council
The University's International Affairs Policy Council will meet at least once a month. The approvals of this council are binding.

Article 4: Duties of the Council
The duties of UOK’s International Affairs Policy Council are as follows:
  • Elaboration of university internationalization policies within the framework of the university's international strategic plan
  • Reviewing and modifying the university's international strategic plan if necessary
  • Monitoring the implementation of the university's international strategic plan
  • Planning for the development of international cooperation in the short, medium and long term
  • Approval and notification of tuition fees, tuition discounts and the number and type of scholarships for international students
  • Evaluating and approving the proposals of the University’s Internationalization Council

Click here to download the regulations of University of Kurdistan’s International Affairs Policy Council.