About International Affairs Office Management
The International Affairs Office was established in October 2009 to coordinate and implement the international activities of University of Kurdistan. The concept of internationalization of higher education is one of the basic pillars in this age of global knowledge economy and affects society economically, socially and politically. Therefore, the need to replace the traditional teacher-centered education with a new type of learning that is based on creation, application, review and integration of knowledge and joint learning is crucial. The activities of the International Affairs Office are aimed at achieving these goals.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Preparing and creating strategies for the internationalization of the university and developing related practical plans.
  • Coordinating activities to promote and develop international programs including international agreements, funding opportunities, student and staff mobility, participation in university visits.
  • Dealing with all issues related to international and national scientific cooperation agreements.
  • Handling all official foreign correspondence.
Coordinating activities related to staff / student participation in international scientific meetings and seminars abroad.
  • Providing related services to academic faculty members abroad for scientific-university cooperation and teaching.
  • Inviting Iranian and non-Iranian experts or academics living abroad for scientific- academic cooperation. Hosting international university delegations and other government institutions to the University of Kurdistan.
  • Corresponding with the Office of Scientific-International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran to issue visas for official foreign guests of the university.
  • Organizing and securing necessary funds for holding international conferences.
  • Creating strategic agreements and managing partnerships and organizational collaborations.
  • Preparation of university brochures in English, Farsi, Kurdish and Arabic languages. In addition, collecting and translating all necessary information for effective marketing and advertising purposes of university services for students in various media formats.
  • Managing international students affairs such as:
  • Evaluating international students' application forms and documents submitted to the university via email or in person and determining whether they have the necessary criteria, documents and knowledge to study at the university.
  • Sending students' documents to the Vice-Chancellor of Education and Postgraduate Education of the University to issue initial admission.
  • Sending documents to the Non-Iranian Student Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to confirm the final acceptance and issue visas and student residence permits.
  • Conducting initial registration of students and then referring them to the relevant administrative units to complete registration, accommodation, student ID card and fee payment procedures.
  • Dealing with international student insurance.
  • Providing statistical information on foreign students to various internal and external national and foreign organizations as needed.
  • Updating International Affairs website information
  • Administrative correspondence with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for issuance of visa for foreign exchange students / academic staff.
  • Issuance of staff employment certificates in English upon request.