Foreign Student Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Organization was established based on Article 29 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the resolution of the Third Islamic Consultative Assembly on November 14, 1994. On August 11, 2012, the Health Services Insurance changed its name to the Health Insurance Organization.The purpose of establishing health services insurance and subsequently health insurance is to provide insurance coverage for medical care for all members of society.
The Health Insurance Organization was formed by several funds as follows:
- The Government Employees Fund, which includes all active, retired, and mandatory employees who are covered under the country's retirement organization.
- The Tribal and Rural Fund, which covers approximately more than 90 percent of the population residing in rural areas.
- The Universal Health Insurance, which is for low-income and economically disadvantaged individuals in the society who are classified in the first three deciles. Iranian insurance is available for individuals in the fourth decile and above, and insurance fees are based on their income levels.
- Other funds include the Welfare Organization's beneficiaries, seminarians and clerics, families of martyrs, relief committee beneficiaries, and foreigners. Their insurance fees are based on the annual approved rates of the Council of Ministers.
Currently, more than 40 million people in the country are covered by the Health Insurance Organization. In order to benefit scholarship students and their dependents from the advantages of health insurance, an annual agreement is signed between the Health Insurance Office of the province and the University of Kurdistan. Additionally, all international students are covered under accident insurance.