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Faculty of Science

  The Faculty of Science is known as the oldest faculty at the University of Kurdistan with over 40 years’ experience and has had a crucial role in teaching and research in the province. The Faculty of Science currently has the honor of having six academic members of staff who hold full professorships, 19 Associate Professors and 43 Assistant Professors. In addition, it has 83 part-time academic members of staff. The faculty has six departments: 



   Faculty of science has 1250 students on 8 programmes leading to an undergraduate degree, 16 programmes leading to a Master’s degree and 13 programmes leading to a PhD. Moreover, it has many teaching and research laboratories including 12 Chemistry laboratories, 8 Physics laboratories, and 5 Biology laboratories, 3 Mathematics and Statistics laboratories and 1 Geology laboratory.  
Faculty of Science List of Degree Programmes
Department Degree Programme BA/BSc MA/MSc PhD
Chemistry Applied Chemistry    
Pure Chemistry    
Nano Chemistry    
Polymer Chemistry    
Analytical Chemistry     
Inorganic Chemistry     
Organic Chemistry     
Physical Chemistry     
Mathematics Mathematics & Applications       
Pure Mathematics- Topology       
Applied Mathematics— Numerical Analysis     
Pure Mathematics – Mathematical Analysis     
Pure Mathematics – Algebra     
Statistics Statistics & Applications       
Mathematical Statistics        
Physics Physics    
Fundamental Physics (Theoretical Physics)      
Solid State Physics     
Theoretical Physics       
Theoretical Physics- Elementary Particles       
Theoretical Physics- Quantum Computing       
Theoretical Physics- Astronomy & Astrophysics       
Biology Biology    
Cellular & Molecular Biology       
Earth Sciences Earth Sciences