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Faculty of Natural Resources

The Faculty ofNatural Resourcesfocuses on the conservation, rehabilitation, and enhancement of renewable natural resources including forests, rangelands, water bodies, and related resources. The faculty was first opened in 1995 and introduced two programmes: Rangeland and Watershed Management and Forestry. The Faculty of Natural Resources currently has 6 departments that offer 6 undergraduate programmes and 11 Masters programmes (see below table). The faculty has 31 full-time academic staff as well part-time academic members offering teaching and research services to 750 students. It has various laboratories and research centres including Forest Biology Laboratory, Fish Pathobiology Laboratory, Forest Biometry Laboratory, Climatology Laboratory, Geomorphology Laboratory, Herbarium, GIS Centre, Cartography Centre and Soil, Water and Air Quality Control Laboratory.
Faculty of Natural Resources List of Degree Programmes
Department Degree Programme BA/BSc MA/MSc PhD
Aquaculture Aquaculture

Aquatic Reproduction & Breeding

Climatology Climatology

Applied Climatology

Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences

Habitats and Biodiversity

Environmental Pollution

Land-use Assessment & Planning

Forestry Forestry

Silviculture & Forest Ecology

Geomorphology Geomorphology

Natural Environmental Hazards


Rangeland & Watershed Management Rangeland & Watershed Management

Rangeland Management

Watershed Management