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Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture was founded jointly with the Faculty of Natural Resources in 1991. In 2007, the Faculty of Agriculture separated from the Faculty of Natural Resources and commenced its academic teaching and research activities on an independent basis. It is currently one of the major providers of research in agricultural fields in the region. Both training and research are undertaken at the highest professional level and a wide range of agriculture based scientific courses are offered to graduate and postgraduate students. The faculty's mission is to develop resources and technology to provide contemporary and future needs of the agricultural sector of Kurdistan province, to advance and disseminate knowledge and to provide advice and guidance in the field of agriculture for sustainable economic development. The faculty has 10 departments, offering 13 undergraduate degree programmes and 29 postgraduate degree programmes (including 8 PhD courses), comprising of:



 At present, the Faculty of Agriculture has over 1600  students and 66 full-time academic members of staff. The faculty has many laboratories and research centers including Soil Chemistry Laboratory, Soil Physics Laboratory, Plant Breeding Laboratory, Plant Pathology, Genetics Laboratory, Entomology Laboratory, Poultry Production Unit, Quail Production Unit, Dairy Cattle Production Unit and 50 hectares of agricultural research fields. The below table lists all degree programmes offered by the faculty. 
Faculty of Agriculture List of Degree Programmes
Department Degree Programme BA/BSc MA/MSc PhD
Animal Science Animal Science   ✓

Animal Breeding
 ✓  ✓
Animal Physiology

Poultry Nutrition
Agronomy & Plant Breeding Agronomy

Plant Breeding

Agricultural Biotechnology


Crop Physiology

Plant Biotechnology

Horticultural Science Horticultural Science


Postharvest Physiology and Technology of Horticultural Products

Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics of Horticultural Products

Physiology and Breeding of Flowers and Ornamental Plants

Soil Science Soil Science & Engineering

Soil Biology and Biotechnology

Soil Physics & Conservation

Soil Resources & Land Evaluation

Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Policy & Development

Agricultural Extension & Education Agricultural Extension & Education

Plant Protection Plant Protection

Agricultural Entomology

Plant Pathology


Biological Control

Water Sciences & Engineering Water Sciences & Engineering

Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

Biosystems Engineering Biosystem Engineering

Design and Construction

Postharvest Technology

Food Science & Technology Food Science and Technology

Food Industry Machinery Engineering

Landscape Engineering Landscape Engineering